Realistic Butts

Most of these sex toys are molded from famous porn superstars, realistic pussy and ass sex toys are not scaled town and offer life-size sex play. Pick one of our lifelike masturbators with all kinds of shapes, styles, and colors.

Scarlett Curvaceous Alluring Life-like Butts 29.1Lbs

3 reviews


-50% New

Bestvibe 4.63 lbs Brown Doggie Realistic Masturbator

Brown Skin Ultra-realistic Doggie Sexy

38 reviews


-30% Video

158cm 74.95lb Blonde Slim Most Realistic Sex Doll– Selena

Life size Vagina Anal Oral sex

2 reviews



Bestvibe Dual Channels Large Droplet Breasts Masturbator

4 reviews


-20% New

Bestvibe 11.2 lbs Randy Jenny Life-Sized Realistic Butt Masturbator

2 in 1 Lifesize Super Realistic Details

48 reviews


-40% Video

Luscious Life-like Boobs Vagina and Anal 3 in 1 Built-in Torso Sex Doll Male Masturbator

Built-in Torso 3D channel 3-in-1 Safe TPE Vivid Detail Sexy Waist Full Breasts Plump Butt Pink Pussy

84 reviews



Bestvibe Realistic Vibrating Butt with Dual Channel 5.5 LB

Free Shipping 3 Vibrations Realistic Channel Dense Particles

1 reviews


-30% New

Gentlemen's Indulgence Mystery Box - The Pioneer

5 reviews



LOANNA 140cm TPE Real Dolls D-cup American Girl Doll Sex

Life size Vagina Anal Oral sex

18 reviews



Bestvibe 37.03 lbs Huge Breasts Two-Channel Sexy Realistic Male Masturbator

1:1 Life-sized Huge Breasts Movable Built-in Skeleton

5 reviews



Bestvibe Thrusting and Variable Channel Tight Wrapping Realistic Butt Masturbator

Free Shipping 3 Thrusting 6 Vibration Fully Waterproof

1 reviews


-30% New

Bestvibe 10 Vibrating Built-in Torso Realistic Sex Doll 3.7 Lb

10 Vibrating Built-in Torso TPR Material

26 reviews



Bestvibe 9 lbs Brown Teardrop Boobs Realistic Masturbator

Brown Skin Lifelike Details Textured Tunnel

42 reviews



Bestvibe Vibrating and Variable Channel Tight Wrapping Realistic Butt Masturbator

Vibrating Life-like Touch Tight Wrap

19 reviews


-20% New

Bestvibe 22.49Lb Lifelike E-cup Hermaphroditic Male Masturbator Sex Doll

TPR Material 100% Waterproof Skin-friendly

1 reviews


-20% Video

Ebony - Hip Brown Black 1:1 Size Realistic Masturbator 12.13Lbs

TPR Material 100% Waterproof Skin-friendly

1 reviews



Unisex Doll Huge & Flexible Dildo with Abdominal Muscles and Tight Anal for Solo Couples Sex Fun

Unisex 360° Flexible Abdominal Muscles Tight Anal Solo Couple

7 reviews



Evelyn Luxury 5 Feet 5.75 Inches Realistic Adult Doll

Free Shipping 167cm Height Golden Hair Blue Eyes Lifelike Skin Texture

1 reviews



Bestvibe Sexy Everted Labia Majora Realistic Butts 8.38 Lbs

Everted Labia Majora TPR Material Skin-friendly

1 reviews


-15% New

Mona - Alluring True-to-life Doll with Plump Breast

Weigh Enough 3 in 1 Sexy Shape 1:1 Ratio TPR Plump Breast and Butt

9 reviews



Bestvibe 5.5 lbs Tight Anus Realistic Male Ass Masturbator

Male Ass Tight Anus Realistic Testicles

37 reviews


-25% Video

Kayla 7.7lb Fair Skin Sexy Life-sized Realistic Butt

Life-size 2 Holes Silky Touch

26 reviews


-46% Video

Bestvibe 19.18Lb E-cup Intersex Realistic Doll

Hermaphrodite E-cup TPR Material

10 reviews



Bestvibe 20.28 lbs E Cup Realistic Tender Male Masturbator

3 in 1 Multiple Postions Soft Material

10 reviews



Bestvibe 8.8 lbs Bendable Penis Male Torso Sex Doll

Fitness Bendable Dildo Anus Exit Hole

25 reviews


-20% Video

Bestvibe Four-channel Male Masturbator Sex Doll 8.8 LB

TPR Material 4 Channels Cherry Nipples

2 reviews



Bestvibe 38lb Brandi Buxom Beauty Torso Realistic Sex Doll

2ft Sexy Torso Squeezable Bold Breasts Superior TPR Material

2 reviews



【Recommended By Lady MaCallan】Sex Doll Male Masturbator with Vagina and Anal

3 in 1 Pink Nipples Doggy Style

86 reviews


-15% Video

Bettie - 18.29Lb Sexy Lifelike Butt with Perfect Nipples and Lumbar

Perfect Nipples and Lumbar Lifelike TPR Material

8 reviews


-20% Video

Hot Beach Girl Pussy Ass Male Masturbator

11 reviews



Bestvibe 3.3 lbs Pussy Ass Masturbator With Virgin Vagina And Anal Stroker

3.3 lbs Mini Ass 2 Channel Virgin Vagina

60 reviews


-60% Video

Bestvibe 17.6 lbs Butterfly Labia Brown Chubby Sex Doll

Butterfly Labia Chubby Body Realistic Details Brown Skin

18 reviews


-40% Video

Bestvibe 4.41Lb Lifelike E-cup Male Masturbator Mini Sex Doll

TPR Material 100% Waterproof Skin-friendly

21 reviews



Bestvibe 16.7lb Daniel Muscular Man Realistic Sex Toy

6.3 in Dildos Anal In Good Shape

2 reviews



Bestvibe 7.7lb Svelte Bouncy Titty Ultra Realistic Male Masturbator Sex Doll

TPR Material 100% Waterproof Skin-friendly

3 reviews



Bestvibe 6.79 lbs Sex Experts Double Labia Realistic Male Masturbator

2 in 1 Tight Holes Texured Tunnels Doggy Style

21 reviews


-20% Video

Bestvibe 8.2Lb Booty Tight Vagina Realistic Male Masturbator

1:1 Scaled Butt 2 in 1 Wave Texture

1 reviews



Meg - 16.09Lb Suckting and Vibrating Lifelike Butt with Tempting Pussy

Vibrating Sucking TPR Material


-20% Video

Ruby 42.32Lb E-cup Irresistible Figure Realistic Doll

Free Shipping TPR E-cup Perfect Body

8 reviews


-20% Video

Pussy Ass with Virgin Tight Labia Pocket Pussy Sex Toy

Plump and Compact Vagina Unique Split Leg Design Curvy Waist and Bubble Butt

10 reviews



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