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Do you want to feel the toe-curling and eye-turning sensations every when you want? Cute lovely vibrators may satisfy you definitely. They are designed to help us explore and do more justice than our hands could ever achieve.

What are these Vibrators? — You can call them personal buzz machines specially designed to send constant stimulation to your genitals. They come in lots of different types to satisfy your thrilling desires.


Types of Vibrators

They say variety is the spice of life, and this is certainly the case when it comes to vibrators. After exhaustive research, we’ve identified 13 different types of vibrators:

1. Classic vibrators are the go-to sex toy for many women. Cylindrical in shape, they’re designed for easy penetration and often provide a range of intensities to suit your mood.

2. Rabbit vibrators feature the main shaft and a smaller extension designed to stimulate the clitoris. One of our most popular sex toys, rabbit vibes work hard to make sure you enjoy yourself.

3. Bullet and egg vibrators are small, discrete toys that know how to get the job done. Many women like the portability factor since they’re easy to slip into a suitcase for a stimulating experience away from home.

4. Magic Wand massagers have a devoted fanbase and it’s easy to understand why. Wands provide some of the most intense vibrations you’ll find in any sex toy. Value discretion? Many resemble traditional back massagers.

5. Clitoral vibrators are perfect for the woman who wants to get right down to business. Clit vibes deliver puffs of air or pinpoint vibrations to the clitoris for intense orgasms. These small sex toys are easy to take with you on business trips or vacations.

6. G-spot vibrators feature gentle curves that make it easier to stimulate that most important area. Ideal for foreplay and solo enjoyment, every woman should have a G-spot vibe on her nightstand.

7. Realistic vibrators suggest that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Simulated ridges, veins, and bumps provide an authentic feel while advanced materials warm up quickly to match your body heat. We even have to rotate and thrusting models available.

8. Finger vibrators can be worn by you or your partner. It’s easy to deliver intense stimulation right where it’s needed when this toy is wrapped around your finger.

9. Butterfly vibrators use straps to secure the toy over the vagina and are perfect for hands-free masturbation or foreplay. Strap on your butterfly vibrator in bed, while watching TV, or anytime the mood is right.

10. Dual stimulators deliver intense vibrations to multiple intimate areas. Vaginal/clitoral and vaginal/anal vibrators expand your options when it comes to masturbation and foreplay. If one vibrator is good, two must be better!

11. Anal vibrators feature slim shafts and a beaded or ridged texture designed for backdoor pleasure. Anal vibrators can stimulate a man’s prostate or a woman’s G-spot, making them a popular choice for foreplay or solo play.

12. Vibrating panties are a sexy take on small vibrators. Most feature a remote-controlled toy you can slip into a pouch in the panties. Hand the remote to a partner and let them tease you with unexpected waves of pleasure. Some models are even quiet enough to be worn in public.

13. Couple vibrators have something for everyone. Designed with gentle curves and stimulating textures, many can be inserted or used to stimulate the clit, anus, or shaft.

How to Choose a Vibrator

With so many vibrators to choose from, finding the right sex toy depends on your own preferences.

Options like bullet vibrators and slip-on finger vibes offer intense stimulation in a compact package. Perfect for discreet solo sessions and small enough to be used during your favorite positions with a partner, bullets and finger vibes are the ideal size to throw into your purse or suitcase for on-the-go pleasure.

If vaginal penetration is your goal, size definitely matters. Consider a classic vibrator, realistic dildo, or large vibrator. Men and women interested in backdoor pleasure will find what they’re looking for with an anal vibrator.

G-spot vibrators and dual stimulators like the classic rabbit are specifically designed to hit just the right spots, every time.

All vibrators have one point in common: the ability to deliver amazing sensations.

The vibrators sold on our site are made from only the highest quality material, whether it’s plastic, gel, or silicone that you prefer. Waterproof vibrators can be taken into the shower or bath without worrying about them getting wet as you play.

Vibration Modes

Size and shape are just part of the equation;

The intensity of vibrations can determine whether or not a toy “works” for you.

Vibrators can deliver intense stimulation, a gentle buzz, and everything in between. Pleasure isn’t just determined by intensity. In fact, powerful vibrators can be great for some people and uncomfortable for others.

With this in mind, Bestvibe offers a range of vibrators. Most have various vibration modes, pulse patterns, and a tantalizing texture for different levels of sexual pleasure.

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