Urethral Sounds

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What is Urethral Sounds?

Sound is a metal instrument used to dilate the tight and narrow urethra. All BD sounds (except Walther Dilator) have a flat distal end, which allows the doctor to know where the curve is going. The sound is available in various sizes and sophisticated configurations to meet various requirements. They are individually packaged and can be reused.

Urethral Sounds

How does the urethral probe work?

In medicine, urethral sounding refers to inserting objects into the urethra for urological surgery. This process helps to dilate the stenosis to provide access to the bladder. Medical experts use sterile metal or plastic dilators in this process. Usually, this procedure helps to remove foreign bodies remaining in the urethra and bladder. ‌

Beyond the scope of medical practice, urethral detection is common in individuals for various reasons. It includes sexual habits that increase sexual pleasure and arousal. According to medical literature, this practice has a high risk of injury. The sound device can disappear deep in the urethra, and the user can no longer retrieve it.

Is urethral Sounds safe?

Men who are interested in sexually satisfying urethral detection should first understand the problems surrounding it. The introduction of objects into this sensitive channel will bring health risks. They should only buy the items they use from reputable companies and take appropriate cleaning measures for these foreign objects. They should also use lubricants designed for sensitive areas.

Potential health complications of urethral testing

When you insert an object into the urethra, you are at risk of injury and may bring yourself various mental illnesses. Research shows that this practice is becoming more and more common, with Google generating more than 5,550 results for the search phrase "urethral Soundsn." Most of them come with complete entertainment program descriptions and charts.




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