Toy Vibrators

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What are toy vibrators?

The appearance is disguised as a variety of daily necessities or toys, such as a little yellow duck in a bath, biscuits, ice cream, etc.They are both fun and not easy to embarrass.

Toy Vibrators

Power Types

Vibrators come in the major power types as seen below:

Replaceable batteries

Rechargeable batteries

Both replaceable and rechargeable batteries.


vibrators are mostly made from silicone.Silicone sex toys are hygienic, realistic, soft yet firm, and therefore ideal for anal expeditions!

Toy Vibrators

Care and Cleaning

It is very important to always clean your vibrator, as bacteria left on the toy can cause infections like urinary tract infections. Cleaning is especially important when you have used your vibrator with a partner, or when it may have touched your anus.

Hard plastic and silicone toys are easiest to clean with anti-bacterial soap and cool or warm water. Most vibrators can be lightly immersed in water, but read the instructions to find out if your silicone toy can be cleaned in the water.

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