Tongue Vibrators

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Oral sex simulator can be used in multiple parts, generally used to lick the clitoris and labia minora, diversified shapes

Tongue Vibrators

Tongue shock device,in response to a variety of different sexual needs, there are a variety of vibrators with different functions;

There is a wind wheel with a caressing tongue;

Sunflower with negative pressure shock;

There are hoods with kiss brush shaking and so on. . .

Whether you are, big pussy or small pussy. Thin labia, plump labia. Concave labia and visible labia, there is a tongue vibrator suitable for you and can satisfy you.

Pros of Tongue Vibrators

1.You don't have to shave every time: your vibrator is not a sexual partner who won't perform oral sex with you because you haven't shaved. You can enjoy oral sex simulation without worrying about shaving.

2.You can control it: Tongue vibrators are inanimate objects, and they are not as prone to fatigue as humans. Your sexual partner will not feel that you have received enough oral stimulation and stop. As long as you want, how long the tongue vibrator can work.

3.You don't have to give oral sex to your sexual partner: Unlike your partner, the tongue vibrator does not require oral sex. If you don't like putting your penis in your mouth, then the tongue tremor should be your friend, because your sexual partner will most likely want you to give him oral sex.

4.Eliminate the fear of contracting STI: You may want to satisfy yourself sexually, but your fear of exposure to STI makes you reluctant to have sex. Tongue vibrator can provide you with the same pleasure while preventing you from contracting any sexually transmitted diseases.

5.You don't need any contraceptives: if you are the kind of person who hates drugs, the vibrating tongue will serve you well because you don't need to take birth control pills before using it.

6.Give you wild spontaneous orgasm: As a woman, you know that the sensitive part of the vagina will bring you strong sexual pleasure, which is different from your male partner. The tongue vibrator allows you to explore it.


High maintenance costs: You have to buy batteries every few weeks. Most tongue vibrators use a pack of Duracell for $5.

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Tongue Vibrators

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Tongue Vibrators

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