Thongs for Men

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This is the most basic one. The cloth strip at the waist is in the shape of a belt. The cloth strip at the back of the waist is narrowed from width. This design is close to the body and comfortable to wear.

Thongs for Men


1. Cool!

2. It's better to wear than nothing!

3. The lordosis and posterior warping are no longer a woman's patent!

4. Urgent urination and quick work, you can take it out at any time!

5. Elegant, there will be no traces when wearing thin trousers in summer!

6. When the butt is not wiped clean, it will not be very itchy. Take a few steps to relieve the itching!

7. The position of the little brother is more flexible. I want to put it on the left and put it on the left, and I want to put it on the right and put it on the right!

8. Prevent hemorrhoids. The strap at the back can clean the dirt outside the G door!

9. It can highlight the reverse thinking. In the past, it used to open the pants to find the ass, but now it is to open the ass to find the pants!

10. Less fabric is conducive to saving resources!

The Correct Way to Wear Thongs

1.Choose More Fabrics

Don't buy the thin one at the back, choose the inner liner with more crotch fabric, and the health risk will be less

2.Choose a Cotton Texture

When choosing thongs, wearing comfort is the first thing. It is best to choose a cotton texture or a fabric with good breathability.

Thongs for Men

3.Replace in Time

Thongs are easier to absorb bacteria and sweat. They need to be washed and replaced frequently. It is best to wear them during the day and go out at night and change the comfortable cotton underwear when you get home at night. Ensure that your private parts are healthy to better show your beauty.




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