Tanga Panties

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Tanga: Panties between bikinis and thongs. The back is half-wrapped, showing half of the buttocks, and the sides are relatively narrow.

Tanga Panties Tanga Panties

Tanga panties is a style that has more fabric than Thongs and less than Brief briefs.

The fabric area on the back covers only half of the buttocks, but the buttocks are visually reduced.

Tanga Panties

Bikini is a style where the fabric on both sides of the thighs is narrow or thin, and the straps are like bikini bottoms.

This high-cut tailoring can make the legs longer and more sexy.

The front fabric is slightly narrower, which can reduce friction to the crotch (bikini line) and not dull

Tanga Panties Tanga Panties

Elastic half-wrapped buttocks lace panties, the lace gently wraps on the buttocks, without the constrained feeling of squeezing out the flesh.

Too much covered elastic elastic band deforms the buttocks.

Tanga Panties

Half-pack buttocks panties don’t actually pick buttocks, they can be modified for plumpness, sagging or thick legs.

Tanga Panties




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