Talcum powder

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The main raw material of talcum powder is high-purity talcum powder. The characteristic of this raw material is to absorb the residual moisture of the skin and make the skin dry. At the same time, it can provide a medium degree of lubrication and reduce possible abrasions and discomfort when cleaning the skin. Applying talcum powder on the body has a dry and slippery feel, which makes people feel comfortable.

The difference between baby talcum powder and general talcum powder is that the raw materials are of higher purity. The powder has been disinfected and contains less flavor. The main raw material talc powder inside cannot contain asbestos residues, and borax cannot be used as a fungicide.

Talcum powder

The effective ingredients of talcum powder are generally: talcum powder, corn starch, pine pollen and pearl powder.

1. Talc-a Risk Ingredient

Talc is the most widely used main ingredient of traditional talcum powder, but the safety of talcum powder is currently the most controversial. The main ingredient of big-name talcum powder involved in carcinogenic cases is talcum powder! And the key dangerous molecule is the asbestos in talcum powder. —— It was rated as a category 1 carcinogen (identified carcinogen for humans). Asbestos is a very, very fine fiber that can enter the human body through the respiratory tract, mouth and lungs. Long-term exposure may cause asbestos lung, lung cancer and other diseases.

2. Corn Flour-Using has Limitations

We are all familiar with corn flour. It is natural, safe and edible. It also has a sweat-absorbing and smoothing effect, which meets the requirements of talcum powder. However, corn flour also has a problem: it is easy to breed bacteria. We love to eat bacteria and we like it. If corn flour is pure and natural without preservatives, it is simply a food prepared for bacteria! Moreover, if the baby already has diaper rash, rubbing corn flour will aggravate fungal infections. In general, pay attention to two points when using corn flour:

  ① Preservatives should be added to the ingredients to prevent bacterial contamination;

  ②Can only be used on smooth skin, avoid the baby's sweaty rash or broken skin.

3. Pine Pollen and Pearl Powder-safe

pine pollen is the flower of the pinaceae plant. It has high nutritional value and can be used for edible medicine. The unbroken pine pollen can absorb water, so it is also one of the main components of talcum powder. The important point is that pine pollen has good antibacterial and corrosion resistance, even if no preservatives are added, it will not be easily attacked by bacteria.

Pure natural pearl powder is a common beauty and skin care ingredient, and it can also alleviate baby prickly heat, red ass and other problems. Unfortunately, there are fewer types on the market.


1· Choose talcum powder from a regular manufacturer.

2· Try not to choose talcum powder as talcum powder. After all, asbestos is inevitable in the ore, and it is impossible to test every bottle on the spot, and the test results may not be accurate.

3· Don't use powder puff! It's better to get started directly. During use, you should "smear" instead of "powder", use a small amount, and act lightly.

4· Do not apply with an electric fan. To put it bluntly, it is to minimize the concentration of talcum powder particles in the air.

5· If your baby is already red, swollen or ulcerated, don't give your baby talcum powder anymore, the more you use it, the more serious it will become.

6· Store the used talcum powder out of the baby's reach to avoid being knocked over or swallowed by the baby.

7· Do not apply talcum powder on the perineum of a girl! Do not apply talcum powder on the perineum of a girl! Do not apply talcum powder on the perineum of the baby girl!




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