Tail Butt Plug

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Tail butt plugs are typical sex toys designed to spice up sex play by stimulation the anus. If you often wonder what the wilder side would feel like and you don't already use tail butt plugs, you're in luck! This review will show you all you need to know about these wonderful devices, why millions of people embrace them, and how they stand out from their vibrator and dildo cousins.

Tail Butt Plug


1.Cat tail anal plugs;

2.Fox tail butt plugs;

3.Bunny tail anal plugs;

4.Horse tail butt plugs;

Materials of Tail Anal Plugs

Tail butt plugs are made from a variety of materials such as latex, glass, and silicone. Latex is most commonly used and silicone isn't too far behind because of its easy use for beginners and also since it can be easily disinfected in boiling water.

Shapes & Sizes

Tail butt plugs come in different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. These cute butt plugs are designed to look like penises, some are wavy, while some are ribbed. However, the majority of butt plugs have a thin tip that is wider in the middle, a notch to hold it in and a flared round base to prevent complete insertion during anal penetration.

Tips to Using

1.Do not neglect foreplay. Play around with your body and get the engine running instead of going straight to business. Start with a few activities you enjoy- kisses, oral, and so on.

2.Then start with something smaller than a butt plug with tail, get your finger or your partner's lubricated, and play around the butthole with the lubricated finger, sliding gently in and out of the anus, then add another finger.

3.Once your anus is comfortable with a couple of fingers, get your butt plug, lubricate it and slowly slide it inside you. It's easier to slide it in when you're bent over in a doggy-style position. But different strokes for different folks; experiment and decide which works for you.

Tail Butt Plug

Pros and Cons of Animal Tail Butt Plugs


1.Tail butt plugs are useful in intense anal stimulation.

2.They allow you to experience different sensations and feelings.

3.Use of anal butt plugs and tail butt plugs can are useful in achieving orgasm!

4.They are super inclusive and allow you to focus on sensations.

5.Ladies, butt plugs alter the width of the vaginal canal and increase vaginal pleasure.

6.As previously stated, there are many different tail butt plugs options to pick from.

7.Butt plugs work silently so you're not stuck with some buzzing sound in action!

They can be used for solo playtime and help you warm up to anal sex.


1.They need to be cleaned immediately after use to get rid of bacteria that gathered during use. This isn't necessarily a con; it's more on the hygiene side of things!

2.Anal muscles may need some time to get used to tail plugs. This is common when trying out new toys as the body needs to first embrace new experiences. This is however addressed with the use of anal lubes as they allow for smoother penetration of the anus.

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