Suspender Stockings

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Garter stockings: These are stockings that are worn from the bottom up without reaching the crotch, but with the waistband at the crotch suspended by a belt. They are classified by the form of wearing: one type is pressed and one type is worn.


The main function of wearing garter stockings is to prevent the stockings from slipping because people's legs are getting thinner from top to bottom, and since the bottom is thinner than the top, the edge of the stockings will be easy to loosen, and with the weight of the rolled up stockings, the stockings will start to slip. The garter belt of the garter socks is tied on the stocking opening, and the upper end is tied on the edge of the hem of the waistband to prevent the stockings from slipping.


The simple and easy-to-removal back buckle design of the garter socks makes them easy and flexible to wear. The adjustable waist and garter design allows you to adjust the length as you wish, making them suitable for women of all heights and waistlines. The garter material of the socks was changed from rubber to flexible and stretchable Lycra. The highly decorative openwork lace is dotted in between, and the complex structure of the appearance is very easy to create a sexy effect.


The suspenders of the garter stockings are the same as the suspenders of the bra, so if they are accidentally exposed in everyday clothes, they will be seen as not being discreet enough and not being dignified.

How to wear them

Wear a shirt with a good texture, as long as it shows to the navel, wear a pair of shorts with 3-4cm below the crotch, and then a fine heel to make you 100% sexy.

Garter socks from the beginning of the role of accessories, with the fashion wind driven to this theme of sexy, and continue to develop. The highly decorative openwork lace is embellished in between, which is very easy to create a sexy effect. In the high hem of the skirt under the hidden garter, men want to think of a nosebleed. Li Ao had nostalgia for the delicate garter stockings and said: "Garter stockings era of women, they are between the panties and stockings, is the role of the garter belt that section, the thighs are bare. In the winter night, with a beautiful woman night trip, sitting in the car, reach out to touch the garter stockings.

There is no fixed way to wear garter socks, although they belong to the underwear, in fact, both inside and outside, to consider the behavior factor. If you are only taking off your underwear, socks and garters are not taken off, then naturally the garters should be inside the underwear outside; if you are wearing them normally, then you should wear your underwear before putting on the garters, and the underwear will be inside. It seems that the former is more convenient to go to the bathroom, but the latter can also untie the belt first.

Suspender Stockings




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