Straitjackets & Sleepsacks

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A Straitjacket is a Perfect Addition to Your Bondage Gear Collection!

Straitjackets & Sleepsacks

The restraint suit or tight-fitting suit, the appearance is a very long sleeve, used to limit the movement of the wearer's upper limbs, the purpose is to protect others and prevent self-harm. When the arms are inserted into the sleeves, cross the arms in front of the chest, and pull the ends of the sleeves to the back and then fasten them so that the wearer's arms are close to the chest.

The restraints are made of tough materials and are usually unable to break free on their own. It is used in some performance occasions, such as magic shows; it is also usually used in mental hospitals, and even as a "toy" for sadomasochistic activities.

To a certain extent, the restraints are improved from ancient torture. They are widely used in mental hospitals to prevent loss of control and relieve the shortage of manpower.

Straitjackets & Sleepsacks

It is a functional straightjacket as well as a definite fashion statement. The leather straps are strong and durable. The dual crotch straps are a rare feature that can not be found in most other straight jackets. Dual leg straps keep the wearer from pulling the jacket over the head and allow access to the crotch. Most straitjackets block access to the genitals. Truly, this is a fine jacket and excellent value.


1.Medium: 39-42 Inch Chest; 32-35 Inch Waist; 24 Inch Back Length; 25.5 Inch Front Length; 37.5 Inch Sleeve Length.

2.Large: 43-46 Inch Chest; 35-38 Inch Waist; 24.5 Inch Back Length; 26 Inch Front Length; 38 Inch Sleeve Length.

3.Extra Large: 47-50 Inch Chest; 38-42 Inch Waist; 25 Inch Back Length; 26.5 Inch Front Length; 38.5 Inch Sleeve Length.


Incorporates 2 inner sleeves to keep arms and busy hands from touching the body. Has a 3 way zipper so privates can be accessed.


Wearing restraints for a long time is quite painful. Blood flows to the elbows, which may cause swelling. The hands will be paralyzed due to lack of activity. Due to the stiffness of bones and muscles, the upper arms and shoulders may have unbearable pain.


1.It is common for people wearing restraints to struggle with their arms around, but any struggle cannot take off the restraints on their own.

2.There is enough space under the restraint to hang a belt, and sometimes the abuser will tie the opponent's ankles into a frog position.

3.Since the bound party is basically unable to escape, the abuser may feel pleasure when seeing the other party's struggle.

4.For the ultimate bondage experience feast your eyes on the Strict Leather Bondage Sleep Sack. Imagine yourself inside, strapped down, comfortable and totally helpless. The sleepsack covers a person from their feet to their neck, leaving their head exposed for any little devious ideas that you have in mind. Thanks to the dual zipper on the front, you can leave their upper body or lower body exposed as well. When fitted just right, you can seriously restrict the movement of your partner. There is also a zipper in the back in case you want expose their naked ass for impact play or penetration. Inside of the sleepsack your partner will also find internal sleeves for a more comfortable and snug fit.

Straitjackets & Sleepsacks


1.The sleepsack is made of high quality leather. It closes using a dual zipper and buckle tie system. The collar is fastened with snaps.

2.Sizing: The sleepsack comes in the following sizes (with specs):

3.Small: 15" Neck; 48" Chest & Arms; 48" Waist and Forearms; 44" Hips and Waist; 30" Thighs and Fingers; 22" Ankle and 54.75" from collar to base of feet.

4.Large: 17" Neck; 52" Chest & Arms; 52" Waist and Forearms; 46" Hips and Waist; 40" Thighs and Fingers; 25" Ankle and 57.5" from collar to base of feet.

5.X-Large: 18" Neck; 54" Chest & Arms; 54" Waist and Forearms; 47" Hips and Waist; 44" Thighs and Fingers; 26.5" Ankle and 61" from collar to base of feet.

Straitjackets & Sleepsacks




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