Stimulating lip gloss

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What is Stimulating lip gloss?

In 1986, American scientists discovered and purified pheromone perfume from human sweat. Strict scientific experiments proved that it has a strong attraction to the opposite sex. Mainly to awaken female patients with frigidity, a sex-related hormone, also called pheromone in scientific name, which is to reveal sexual information to the opposite sex. The purpose of this message is to tell the other party that there is the opposite sex, and then attract the other party's approach. Some are sprayed on men and some are smeared on women's private parts.Stimulating lip gloss is a lipsgloss containing pheromones.

What effect does it have?

Deepen the satisfaction of oral sex

Increase sensitivity in the genital area

Produces hot, cold and tingling effects

Can also be used as a stimulant during sexual intercourse




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