Spreader Bars

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What are Spreader bars?

Spreader bar is a binding device made of metal or wooden strips, with binding points at each end. It can tie two wrists, ankles or knees to keep them separated. They are used for binding games, sometimes due to bedroom binding, and usually combined with other binding devices.

When the stretch rod is used on the wrist, it stretches the two arms of the dominated person away from the body, allowing the dominator to do what he wants to the dominated person's torso without hindrance. When the stretch rod is used between the ankle or knee, it prevents almost all actions of the dominated person (except for extremely awkward walking) and fixes it, and stretches the legs of the dominated person so that the dominator can Do what he wants to the dominated person's crotch and the entire torso without hindrance. If the stretch rod is used between the knee and ankle at the same time, the dominated person may be forced to bend the knee joint, making walking more difficult. A pair of stretch rods can also keep the dominated person in the Xiangying position.

The stretch rod may be tied to the dominated person alone, or it may be tied to the furniture, the floor, or the hanging device at the same time. The self-made stretch rod can be made of pins, bamboo poles and cross bars in the cabinet.

Spreader Bars Spreader Bars

When the stretch bar is used on the legs, be careful not to spread the legs too far to avoid muscle strain. In addition, when a person is lying down and tied to an ankle by a stretch bar, be careful not to put too much pressure on the thighs and buttocks, such as during sexual intercourse, that can cause them to be injured.


Metal, wood, nylon, cotton, etc.




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