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Most men have no resistance to uniforms, and the temptation of uniforms can make a man's libido soar. Survey data shows that 80% of men like uniform games during sex. In love action movies, as long as women in female clothes appear on the stage, they will always attract the attention of a certain type of men. The explanation of sex psychologists is: men are eager to rebel and challenge order. Uniforms often represent a kind of order and authority, and the obsession with uniforms is a way to challenge taboos and obtain sexual stimulation. The interpretation of fashion circles is: since clothing is a sexy prop, just like the feathers of a beautiful bird, then uniforms are a symbol of strengthening a certain type of sexy.

Sexy Uniform


Police Uniform    

Police uniform game: Sometimes he loves to conquer, and sometimes the opposit    

The mighty policewoman represents another fashion trend. When women are delicate and passive, she brings another kind of active and masculine beauty.    


Not to mention that men are eager to be the guardians of the sexual order, sometimes they also want to be the rebels of the order. So at a certain moment, let go of everything and hand over the fate to the police. This is when I was a child, all the men who had played with the police catching the thief looked back in their dreams.    

Being abused safely is also the sexual psychology of many men. Occasionally let go of the initiative, let go of the offense, obediently, and enjoy the complete relaxation that everything is entrusted to the heavens.

Sexy Uniform

Nurse Uniform   

Nurse clothes game: He is an injured baby

He was lying on a hospital bed because of his illness, and he was served by a gentle nurse. The nurse smiled like a flower, reminding him of when he was a child, lying quietly on the bed when he was sick, waiting for his mother to take care of him.    

When men are in trouble, they are more eager for sexy comfort. Therefore, he has to flirt with the nurse.    


This is definitely an affair worthy of a man's boasting-seeing I am sick, an affair can happen. Why does he desire to be intimate with the nurse? Because he is fragile at this time and needs comfort like a baby. For him, sex is the best healing agent.   

Another mysterious and stimulating meaning is that he is weak when he is sick, and his heart is flat when he is great, but he gives up the initiative and offensive when he is weak, which makes him even more exciting.

Sexy Uniform

Stewardess Uniform   

Stewardess service game: He loves the amorous encounters on the journey. They always seem to have charming smiles on their faces, beautiful and generous, gentle and considerate, and attentive service.

The location can choose to be in a small closet or a closed room, just like sex on an airplane is always done in a hurry in a small space. It is tense and exciting, but it will definitely make you feel unfulfilled.

Sexy Uniform

JK Uniform

JK is a popular Japanese term, meaning female high school students. In jyoshikoukousei, there are many types of J and K. JK uniforms. If you subdivide, there are a lot of items. Including vest skirts, summer clothes, middle clothes, waistcoats, suits, overcoats, winter clothes, cardigans, sweaters, shirts and so on.

Jk uniforms are divided into four types: Sapporo, Kanto, Kansai, and Nagoya. There are many types according to the number and color of the collar on the collar. The color of the collar and the number of collars are the criteria for identifying the type, such as: red three, black, white and so on. Parent-child has two plackets, one wide and one thin; there are also deformed plackets, but they are essentially jk uniforms.

Sexy Uniform




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