Sexy Stockings

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Modern silk stockings were invented by the Americans in 1938 and were made of dark and translucent materials. Whether young girls’ colorful stockings or mature women’s sexy stockings, it can be found in most urban girls’ wardrobes.

Sexy Stockings


1. Modification of the Legs

Some small flaws and shortcomings of the legs can be covered by the stockings. In addition, the softness and smoothness of the stockings can increase the beauty of the legs. Wearing stockings can give people a solemn, beautiful and elegant feeling. Therefore, female employees in many industries must wear silk stockings at work.

2. Keep Cold and Warm

When the weather is relatively cold, and you don’t want to wear too thick clothing, you can choose a pair of silk stockings of appropriate thickness to wear on your legs, so that you can keep warm and prevent your legs from being too bloated.

3. Sun Protection against Sweating

When going out in the summer, wearing a pair of stockings on the legs can greatly reduce the intensity of the sun on the legs and also protect against ultraviolet rays.

When wearing long trousers in summer, when the legs sweat, the trousers will stick to the legs, increasing the friction between the skin of the legs and the trousers, causing great inconvenience to movement. If you wear a pair of smooth, breathable silk stockings under your trousers, no matter whether you sweat on your legs or not, the trousers and the leg skin will never stick together.

4. Prevent Edema

People who have been engaged in standing work for a long time, such as greeters, waiters, etc., are prone to edema due to the low position of their legs for a long time. Wearing stockings is equivalent to exerting a certain amount of pressure on the legs from the outside of the legs, which can greatly reduce leg pain, swelling and fatigue. In addition, people who fly for a long time, wear tight tights or stockings, can also avoid thrombosis in the legs.


Sort by Length

1.It refers to stockings (both bones) that are as long as the ankle.

2.Mid-height stockings

3.It refers to stockings (three bones) with a length below the knee.


It refers to the stockings that can be worn to the root of the thigh. The tightness of the socks is used in conjunction with the garter belt (four bones).

Knee socks

It only reaches the knee area, usually with elastic top, no garter belt.

Pantyhose: shorts and stockings in one, waist high.

Garter Stockings

It refers to stockings that do not reach the crotch from the bottom up, but are hung from the waistband of the crotch with a belt. According to the wearing style, it is divided into one type for holding down and the other for wearing type.

Classified by Material

1.Ordinary nylon stockings: stockings made of ordinary nylon are early products. The biggest drawback is poor elasticity and low transparency.

2.Crystal silk: This material has been greatly improved in transparency, so that the color of the stockings is no longer dull, but the shortcomings of poor elasticity have not been improved, and the hand feel is relatively rough.

3.Core-spun yarn: It has high transparency and excellent elasticity. It overcomes the shortcomings of nylon yarn and crystal yarn. It has a fine and smooth hand feeling and belongs to mainstream products.

4.Velvet: Compared with core-spun silk, velvet has a slightly lower transparency, but its elasticity is much higher. Not only does it feel better, it also has a lot of warmth retention.

5.Combed cotton: In the process of cotton fiber processing, a combing machine is used to comb the fiber to almost completely remove various impurities in the fiber. The fabric spun with this cotton will feel better.

6.Lycra: Fiber variety introduced by DuPont of the United States. It can be stretched easily, and after recovery, it can cling to the surface of the human body with little restraint force on the human body. Stockings with Lycra have better elasticity and resilience, color and breathability.

7.Teda: High-tech polyester amine fiber developed by DuPont. It is soft to the touch, good in air permeability, and comfortable to wear. It is very suitable for underwear products that require meticulous and softness. In addition, it has the characteristics of easy cleaning and good shape retention.




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