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Sex dolls have been in existence for a very long time and they are yet to see their end days. Instead, they are evolving into more advanced dolls that look and feel like an alive person. During lonely days with or without a partner, you can experiment with a sex doll. They can also bring your sexual fantasies to life, no matter how crazy or out of this world they are. It is disease-free, safe, and shouldn’t cause you unnecessary drama. If you have no clue about the many variations of love dolls, or you just want to update your knowledge on the best sex dolls nowadays, this is the article for you.

Types of Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls


The material used to create a doll is as important as any other thing. Because this is what determines what makes the sex doll feel or look like. Dolls made of plastic can be very hard to touch and might not give you the required sexual feel you are looking for. That is why sex dolls are made from either of these three materials: Silicone, Rubber, or TPE. The three are very realistic materials and so, you can be sure that any of them would make your love doll feel alive. However, the silicone is much softer than the TPE material. And rubber is more elastic than both of them. And although rubber sex dolls don’t look as realistic facially, they can provide the elasticity of boobs and ass.

Body type

This is another category of different sex dolls. As all women/men look different, love dolls also have varying body configurations. There are BBW sex dolls, big booty, and flat-chested sex dolls. Other variations of sex dolls based on their different body types are big tits, curvy, muscular, and pregnant sex dolls. For male sex dolls, they can either be very built or mildly built.


The size of the sex doll is also very paramount. Some people might prefer doing someone big while others might have a small fetish going on. Either way, love dolls have got you covered. There are petite sex dolls, tiny sex dolls, tall, and full-sized types too. The male sex dolls are either long, medium, or short .


Sex dolls are also differentiated by gender. As simple as this might sound, there are also transgender sex dolls. This means that they are no longer limited to female or male sex dolls. For those that have the fetish or fantasy to do a transgender and lack the social skill to talk to one, love dolls are here to assist.


Some people prefer teen while others might prefer a MILF sex dolls. Love dolls are created with different age ranges to suit many preferences. There are young sex dolls, teen and milf sex dolls.

Other Features

These are some of the other features that are categorized as extras. These are some additional settings you might love in your doll. They include vibration, heating, moaning sound activation, or artificial intelligence excitement.

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