Remote Control Vibrators

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Remote Control Vibrators

With the advancement of technology, the followers of sex toys are increasingly dissatisfied with traditional vibrators. The remote control vibrators open a new door for them.

A remote-control vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that allows anyone to sex play whether on a solo mission or as a couple irrespective of the distance between you both! It works wirelessly, more often via an app that syncs with the device from anywhere in the world!

Types of remote control vibrators

emote-control vibrators come in a range of types depend on their materials, shapes, sizes, and stimulate zones.

Remote Control Vibrators


Remote-control vibrators are made from:

Porous materials such as jelly, PVC, vinyl, and rubber. Toys made from porous materials may be a pain to clean because they keep bacteria locked in and harder to wash off.

Non-porous materials such as Lucite, stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and silicone. Toys made from non-porous materials are easy to clean because they keep bacteria sufficiently exposed to be washed off. Hence, they’re the safer option.

Shapes & Sizes

Vibrators with remotes come in different shapes, designed according to their specific roles and stimulation zones. In terms of size, remote-control vibrators usually come in similar dimensions as the penis but when an item is even half as customizable as they are, it’s only a matter of time before manufacturers release products of whatever size is desired and no complaints there; the bigger the better!

Stimulation zones

The best remote-control vibrator would target your erogenous zones to dish out pleasure, which they effectively do! They stimulate the following erogenous zones:





Remember, depending on its shape and size, a wireless vibrator may be specially designed for some particular erogenous zone more than others while some vibrators could stimulate multiple zones; you must see why you have to be selective and base your decision on anything but a random guess!

Remote Control Vibrators Remote Control Vibrators

Power & Waterproof

The best remote-control vibrators for long-distance relationships are generally powered by rechargeable batteries and depending on its runtime before needing another charge depends on this battery and the overall use of the vibrator. In terms of vibrator use, some remote-control vibrators are waterproof and so you can have your fun without having to fear exposure to water or fluids in general.


Play anywhere, from everywhere: With remote-control sex toys, you could embark on sex-play journeys at any suitable time whether alone or with a partner even if your partner is a million miles away.

Hands-free pleasure: Wifi, internet, and Bluetooth vibrators allow you to activate your vibrator and keep it activated until you stop it via the remote control. Imagine a suction cup going marathon down below, what could be better, eh?

Easily control intensity: You would be able to control how much vibration your worries vibrator delivers at any point in time or the suction intensity of the suction cup. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized especially if you like a little stimulation while you work or when you’re amongst people. You want just enough to keep you feeling good but not so intense that you can’t keep a straight face!


Keep battery from water: This is the only major downside of remote-control vibrators. That is, although there are waterproof variants of remote-control vibrators, you may still want to be careful around fluids. This is because the concept of waterproof, in this case, means that the body can keep water out of the internals of the toy. However, like with every battery-powered device, a crack in the body or any form of direct exposure could have negative effects.


It's amazing how much more effective a device could be when it goes fully hands-free; it attaches a whole new meaning to itself. With time, there’s not a shred of doubt in my mind that new grounds would be broken and new pleasure-dishing methods will be released but until then, treat yourself to bliss with remote-control vibrators.

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