Realistic Butts

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An inverted model that simulates the shape of a woman's ass is generally available for anal and vaginal double sex, and some have added AR and other advanced features. The inverted molds in this category include all inverted molds within the hip range, and some may not have buttocks;

Realistic Butts

Inverting real-life molds is a high-end toy industry. In order to cater to the needs of some consumers, traditional computer drawing is abandoned when designing sex toys: no drawing or carving, but a 1:1 copy of the body made by a real person.

At present, the common real molds are: foot molds (female), anal molds, leg molds and hand molds.

Inversion is divided into three channels: vaginal sex, anal sex, and oral sex. The amount of inversion material is determined by the number of channels. In order to restore the sense of reality, the design of the channels will imitate a small garden from the folds of the labia, the size of the clitoris, and the distance from the G point. The structure, as well as some optimization design and functions, if some inverted molds will add clamping suction, vibration, and restore the body's temperature of 37 degrees.

In the design of the passage, the design of the vagina is mostly third-order stimulation, and the pink and tender holes at the entrance are attractive. The penis just entered the narrow entrance, the dense particles continuously massaged and stimulated the glans, and then went deep into the wavy threaded channel to create a serene, sometimes firm and comfortable, stimulating wave after wave, and finally a huge wave-like ring-shaped folds scraped the penis. It swallows the roots like a gear.

The anal canal, anal sex comes with a taboo stimulus, the channel is designed with sensual dense particles, uninterrupted stimulating and massaging the glans, hourglass design, the more thrusting, the narrower, tightly squeezing the sensitive points of the penis, The psychological stimulation of anal sex gives a stronger pleasure of insertion in the posterior court.

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