Rabbit Vibrators

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Two bunny ears and a shaft are the hallmarks of all rabbit vibrators. The vibrating bunny ears stimulating the clitoral, whilst the tip of the shaft will rotate or vibrate penetrate you and provide even more pleasure.

Rabbit Vibrators

The rabbit vibrator is by no means splicing of a dildo and a clitoral stimulator. A rabbit vibrator is a vibrating sex toy, usually made in a phallic shaft for vaginal stimulation with a clitoral stimulator attached to the post. It's named after the famous cute rabbit known for hopping and moving in a constantly elegant motion. That is precisely how rabbit vibrators work, as they are tailormade to give vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Compared to the G-spot orgasm, most girls can achieve orgasm through the clitoris, so that's it the rabbit vibrator is a girl's best friend definitely!

How to Choose?

There is a little trick to judge whether a rabbit vibrator is suitable. Hold the main shaft of the rabbit vibrator with your thumb and index. If the rabbit ears just fit with the part between the thumb and index, then this product will fit your clitoris exactly.

Pros and Cons of Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are some of the best-packaged sex toys in the industry.

They are great for achieving double and sometimes triple orgasms at one go.

They are super versatile and are filled with so many easy-to-find tricks.

They could be super hazardous if misused.

They are amongst the most expensive sex toys on the market.

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