Prostate Massagers

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What is The prostate massager?

The prostate massager is a kind of sex toy, specially used to stimulate the prostate, sometimes called P-spot. The appliances provided for gay men, anal and prostate related products are almost all suitable for this group of people. The prostate is located in the deep part of the pelvic cavity. The upper part is connected with the lower part of the bladder, and the lower part is closely attached to the urethral membrane. It is not only a part of the urethra, but also the largest accessory sex gland in the male reproductive system.

Prostate massagers are sex toys designed to massage the prostate, a walnut-sized gland located just below the bladder. You can stimulate it by pressing against the front wall of the rectum, and potentially experience next-level, full-body orgasms. (There's a reason the prostate is also known as the "male G-spot.") What's more, prostate massage can potentially strengthen your erection, improve urine flow, and help manage symptoms of an enlarged prostate, among other benefits.

Prostate Massagers

The mechanism of prostate orgasm is more complicated, but in general, it is a state of increasing excitement and tension. When this state accumulates to the apex, there will be an explosion phenomenon. The external manifestation is the strong contraction of muscles and the pleasant and comfortable feeling of sexual organs and the whole body. Prostate orgasm is the rhythmic contraction of the perineal muscles, prostate and seminal vesicles after the prostate is fully stimulated, with or without ejaculation.

Prostate Massagers

Care and Cleaning

Keeping your sex toys clean is important, especially if you use them with a partner. You may be able to clean hard plastic and silicone toys with antibacterial soap and water. Prostate vibrators involve electrical components, so you should avoid immersing them in water. Instead, use a soft, damp, soapy cloth to wash them. Your toy may also come with instructions on cleaning; if that’s the case, read and follow them.

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