Position Aids

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What are Position Aids?

Its physical position props are a kind of sex product that is convenient for men and women to love and love. Many difficult sex positions can be completed through the use of position props. It is loved by more and more couples who are pursuing the quality of life.

How to use the Position Chair

1.There are also many types of physical props, such as posture pillows, posture tables and chairs; for sexual postures other than normal postures, it is very important to find a good support point. For example, in the mount style, the woman is riding on the man. Although the main body of movement in this position is the woman, many women don't know how to move or are uncomfortable, and the man is inconvenient to move. If the woman is too heavy, she won't be able to move at all. Usability Love seat can solve this problem well.

2.The woman sits on the chair and the man lies down. Because the surface of the seat is made of a special material elastic band, it can sag naturally, allowing the sex organs of both parties to mate smoothly. It is very convenient to exercise, and the elasticity of the elastic band can also assist up and down movement.

Position Aids

3.Not only the mount, but also the back-entry position can also use sex seats. The woman is lying on the chair, in a suspended state, and the man is attached to her back, supporting both sides of the chair with his hands, so that she can exercise smoothly.

4.In addition, the sex seat can also be used in a standing position. The man leaned against the wall and placed the seat on his abdomen, similar to a physical examination. Then, the woman leans on the elastic band of the seat, and can perform back and forth movement after the sexual organs mate. At this time, the elastic band is showing off again, and its elasticity can save a lot of strength on both sides. However, attention must be paid, otherwise the woman may be ejected!

Because there are too many types of posture props, the common posture chair is used to explain its usage and steps above. I hope you can use the method of using posture chair proficiently through the above description.




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