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Plus size lingerie generally refers to the N-cup bra. With the rising demand for oversized bras, the British lingerie supplier has launched a giant N-cup bra, known as the "N-cup" series of "lingerie giants", the N-cup series of lingerie is equipped with bra pads to evenly support the weight of large breasts, while the lingerie straps are also equipped with special This oversized cup underwear is available in black and flesh-colored, priced at £55.95 (about RMB 585)

Reasons for demand

1. As British women grow fatter and fatter, the average bra size has risen to 34D. The demand for large underwear is rising, obesity experts said the report results "worrying".

2, bra size increasing, this is because people always eat junk food, but also do not exercise. We are inundated with advertisers placing junk food ads and fast food restaurants. Studies show that consumers of larger bra sizes are no longer satisfied with ordinary styles. Demand for beautiful, more feminine plus-size bras is on the rise.

Researchers have also noticed a rise in demand for custom-made bras, with one in five British women having a bra made to measure in 2010. Rising obesity rates have also increased the demand for shapewear, with more than one in ten women buying leggings and tight underwear.

Plus Size Lingerie




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