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The dildo you wear is longer and thicker than your penis. They are usually very similar to ordinary penis and look very realistic, but there are other types of penis extenders that can broaden your imagination. Some have different colors, shapes and textures, which can bring a different feeling from ordinary roosters. There are other names for penis extenders, such as penis sheath, penis enhancer, condom and so on. It fits the penis and uses a strap or any other related material to hold it in place.

Penis Extender


Rubber Penis Extender

As the name suggests, this condom is made of rubber. Because it is made of this material, it is very elastic and resembles human skin. The length can be about 6 to 11 inches in length and about 4 to 7 inches in circumference. Some are floppy disks, and some are made of hard rubber. Since rubber is very easy to handle and shape, most rubber cock sleeves have different textures, such as bumps and slightly softer roughness. This increases the feeling during penetrative sex. Some are waterproof, some are not. Some of them also cover the ball, while others are used only for the penis. Rubber penis extenders are difficult to clean (because they are porous) and react easily with chemicals. Therefore, storage and cleaning can be a bit challenging. In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to rubber cock sleeves containing phthalates. It is harmful to the skin and may cause irritation or skin problems. Before using the rubber penis extender with your partner and yourself, make sure you are not allergic.

Silicone Penis Extender

Unlike the rubber variant, this one is easier to manage, store and clean. It is soft and very similar to an actual penis in terms of color and touch. It is rare for silicone to irritate the skin, but you don’t have to worry about skin problems—just keep it clean at all times. They have different sizes (length and circumference). However, most silicone penis extenders have a natural size, with a length of 6-9 inches and a circumference of 4-6 inches. Most of them still lack the artistic characteristics of rubber type. The waterproof option can also choose a silicone cock extender. And when using it, it is recommended to use a water-based lubricant. Beware of lubricants that may damage the toy, such as oil-based or silicon-based lubricants.

Penis Extender

Open Penis Extender

If you don't have any challenges with penis length, but want to add extra circumference to your size, then this is the best penis extender for you. They are characterized by an opening at the top of the sleeve, which increases the thickness of the entire circumference. They can be made of TPE, rubber (soft or hard), silicone or plastic. They have different shapes and colors. Some are made of more natural colors, such as brown or peach white. Others are made of spicy colors such as red, purple, black or transparent. Some are waterproof, some are not. The thickness also depends on your preference and can vary from 4 to 8 inches (this is more than the ordinary cock sleeves provide).

Head of the Penis

This (similar to an open penis extender) only cares about one area of ​​the entire penis size. The head of the penis focuses on increasing the length of the penis. For its sole purpose, its length can range from 7 inches to about 11 inches. Some vibrations add interest to the whole experience by stimulating the man (the wearer) and the receiver. They are made of materials such as plastic, rubber, latex, silicone or TPE. Their colors range from natural and unnatural colors to transparent colors.

Vibrating Penis Extenders

These are considered the best penis extenders because they can be used as personal sex toys or couples. The vibration characteristics allow men to use the penis extender as a masturbation device for the glans of the penis. In addition, the extender can stroke and stimulate the vagina or anus of the receiver (male or female). Depending on the product or brand of the penis extender, there are different levels of vibrators. However, it is recommended to start at the first level and then slowly move to the highest level. The vibrator can be controlled by remote control, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or wired (wired). Not all vibrating penis extenders can be used in the shower, but you must use lubricant. It can be seen as various fillers made of silicone, rubber or TPE.


By buying the best condom, you can enjoy the increase in penis width and length, as well as a strong sexual experience through penetrating sex. It can also help you sleep longer in bed because the sleeves are (and always) upright. You can also use the many different changes it offers to change your sex life. Another advantage is that it can be used to please men and women during anal and vaginal insertion. It can also be used for single-person masturbation games and couple sex.


Some of the things that limit the penis extender are that it does not provide a permanent solution for erectile dysfunction, small or thin penis sizes. If the sleeve is not suitable (too small or too large), it may cause irritation, penile restriction, pain or irritation. In more extreme cases, it can also fracture the penis

Penis Extender

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