Orgasm Lubricant

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What is Orgasm Lubricant?

Orgasm lubricant, suitable for people who want to increase their body sensitivity.

Orgasm Lubricant

Basic usage:

1. Squeeze the lubricating fluid on your fingers and rub it gently to warm it up.

2. Apply evenly on the target area (both sides/toys), don't have to overflow too much, just feel smooth to the touch.

3. In the process of use, it should be supplemented in time according to the situation. Do I need to add water when I use it? No need to add water. Mixing with water will dilute the lubricating fluid, making it difficult to adhere to the body, greatly reducing the lubricating effect. How much do I need to use at a time? At the beginning, apply a small amount of about 1-2 grams. After evenly spreading, you can increase the amount according to the situation to ensure that the target area is evenly and lightly covered. Why do you do it after a while? Is it normal? This is a normal phenomenon. It is also the advantage of water-based lubricating fluid. The composition is natural. Although it will not remain greasy like oil-based, the composition is natural and the durability is more in line with the characteristics of human love fluids. Does the lubricant affect the contraceptive effect of the contraceptive suppository? Will not. Suppository is a kind of spermicide, which has a certain lubricating effect.




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