Oil-based Lubricant

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Oil-based lubricant, which is largely mineral Oil, although lubricant is good, dissolves latex, dissolves condoms and does not break down easily in the vagina, potentially causing vaginitis in women.

Oil-based Lubricant

Why should We Use Lubricant

The first is to reduce pain. When the girl is not aroused, the pressure is greater when the body is tired and so on, the girl can not produce enough natural love fluid, which will cause pain and even damage. Lubrication can be used effectively and smoothly.

Secondly, the use of lubricants can reduce friction and make the interaction longer. Good use of lubrication, fun will be more. Why can't we get in with lubricant? The vagina is tightly surrounded by muscles, enough lubrication ≠ enough relaxation of muscles, at this time, you need to be patient to do foreplay, slowly enter. Can lubricant be used with condoms/toys? According to their composition, lubricants are usually divided into three categories: water - based, oil - based and silicon - based. Oil-based lubricants, which dissolve condoms and are prone to infection, have been largely withdrawn from the market

How to Use

1. Squeeze the lubricant on your fingers and rub gently to make it warm.

2.Evenly spread on the target area (both sides/toys), do not overflow too much, smooth touch.

3.In the process of use, it should be timely supplemented according to the situation. Do I need water with it? No need to add water. Adding water will dilute the lubricant and make it difficult to adhere to the body, greatly reducing lubrication. How much should I use at a time? Start with a small amount of smear, about 1-2 grams, evenly spread, depending on the situation can be increased, to ensure that the target area uniform, thin coverage.

Oil-based Lubricant




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