Mini-String Panties

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Have you seen it? These are the smallest panties in the legend. It feels as if it is made up of several ropes

Mini-String Panties

Modern society is developing faster and faster, which can be seen in clothing, manners, and dressing. Different clothes can show different personalities. In fact, in some ways, you can be more confident about yourself when you dress exposed.

Mini-String Panties

Mini-String Panties, also known as "T" type pants, is a thorough Western naturalistic genre, breaking through traditional concepts. Especially worn with jeans and leggings, it will not leave a mark on the hips, real seamless underwear.

Mini-String Panties

Material: Polyester

Mini-string Panties, Stretchy fabric, soft and comfortable to wear

Perfect for daily wear, best gift your or your sweatheart




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