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Medicine generally refer to birth control pills.The combined oral contraceptive pill, also known as the combined oral contraceptive pill, is the most common contraceptive pill used today. It is a method of birth control by taking a combination of estrogen and progestin.

If a woman takes this pill correctly and regularly on a daily basis according to the drug instructions, she can achieve contraceptive results. In 1960, the pill was first approved for use in the United States, making it a very popular method of birth control. Currently (2015) about 8.8% of married or cohabiting women of reproductive age (15-49 years) in the world use all types of contraceptive pills for birth control .

Its use is influenced by factors such as different countries , age, education, income, and marriage status. Approximately 9.6 million (15.6% of reproductive age) American women use oral contraceptives (2014) and a quarter of British women aged 16-49 years take the pill (2005) , while in Japan (1950-2014 data) only 3% of women use the pill .

The controversy over the side effects of the pill has been ongoing. After decades of research, the medical community has largely confirmed that combined oral contraceptives do not cause cancer as well as obesity, and it is generally accepted that the health benefits of taking the pill for women far outweigh the harms caused by unintended pregnancies. This is because the pill is currently the lowest failure rate for both new first-year users and experienced, perfect users.





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