Male Chastity Devices

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Male chastity devices completely cover the male genitalia with the front shield. Modern male chastity belts also have vulva coverings and cages of a more appropriate design, usually made of stainless steel.During the reign of Queen Victoria (1836-1901), when she realized that masturbation was more prevalent in boys than in girls, some doctors invented virginity devices for teenagers to wear even in bed to prevent masturbation, and male chastity belts began to appear.

Male Chastity Devices

The device was originally intended to prevent masturbation. In The Victorian period of England, religion attached great importance to chastity and purity. At that time, the medical science also widely believed that self-blasphemy was harmful, and many medical studies advocated the use of chastity belts to prevent self-blasphemy. Since masturbation was most pronounced in boys, the virginity belt was first invented

Nowadays, the concept of male dominance has been denied, and the chastity belt has been extended to control birth, keep the virgin and virgin body, prevent rape and so on. But the chastity belt still needs to exist on the basis of "loyalty". For example, some men and women wear chastity belts in order to secure a partner in a committed relationship (keyholder); In the case that one party cannot guarantee fidelity to his spouse, but still has feelings, the other party requires him to wear chastity belt to maintain the marriage relationship; In love, one or both men and women wear chastity belts to let each other hold the key to practice the vow of love. Whatever the cause, however, a voluntary chastity belt can turn into a slightly sadomasochistic relationship.

Male Chastity Devices




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