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Lubricants are generally divided into three categories: water-based, silicon-based, and oil-based. The position of action is divided into vagina and anus, and some lubricating fluids also have orgasm awakening function (similar to the lust promotion), and delay action; lubricating fluid is a necessity for all kinds of appliances. There are two reasons for women’s low secretion: first, insufficient foreplay, and the body is not ready; second, the body’s own secretion is low. , Old age and other reasons. In the second case, the use of lubricant can eliminate the discomfort during sex, which is good for both parties. If your sex life is uncoordinated for a long time, you should consult professionals.



● The main component of water-based lubricant (water-based lubricant) is water, which is natural and safe, not prone to allergies, so it feels the most natural and the most convenient to use. It can be used with latex condoms, etc., and it is not easy to cause allergies. But because the water-soluble ingredients are easily evaporated by the air and absorbed by the skin, the action time is short (this reason seems a bit ridiculous, and it takes a long time to use this product).

●Silicone-based lubricant is mainly composed of silicone resin, which is waterproof and long-lasting lubrication time, but it is oily. It is very suitable for various forms of underwater sex, and the action time is longer than that of water-soluble lubricating oil. It should be noted that this type of lubricant will damage products of the same material, so it cannot be used together with silicone sex toys

● The main component of oil-based lubricant is mineral oil. Although it has a good lubricating effect, it can dissolve latex, dissolve the sleeve, and is not easy to decompose in the vagina, which may induce female vaginitis.

Basic Usage

1. Squeeze the lubricating fluid on your fingers and rub it gently to warm it up.

2. Apply evenly on the target area (both sides/toys), don't need to overflow too much, just feel smooth to the touch.

3. In the process of use, it should be supplemented in time according to the situation. Do I need to add water when I use it? No need to add water. Mixing with water will dilute the lubricating fluid, making it difficult to adhere to the body, greatly reducing the lubrication effect. How much do I need to use at a time? At the beginning, apply a small amount of about 1-2 grams. After evenly spreading, you can increase the amount according to the situation to ensure that the target area is evenly and lightly covered. Why do you do it after a while? Is it normal? This is a normal phenomenon. It is also the advantage of water-based lubricating fluid. The composition is natural. Although it will not remain greasy like oil-based, the composition is natural and the durability is more in line with the characteristics of human love fluids. Does the lubricant affect the contraceptive effect of the contraceptive suppository? will not. Suppository is a kind of spermicide, which has a certain lubricating effect.

Highlight Reference

1.Free of preservatives, glycerin and flavors ,Suitable for daily use,

2.Colorless and tasteless,Skin contact warming,Balance vaginal pH, Sweet taste

3.Lubricant and massage fluid in one,Rich aloe vera lasting moisturizing

4.Beautifully packaged-perfect as a gift,Special formula, good lubricity

5.Long moisturizing,Natural plant extract,Friction can generate heat

6.Can be used with other latex products with peace of mind.

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