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Pubic hair is the surface part of the female external genitalia, located in front of the pubic symphysis. After adolescence, the subcutaneous fat becomes more and more plump, showing a mat-like shape, and pubic hair grows. The distribution of pubic hair is basically an inverted triangle, covering the labia majora downwards and meeting in the anus. In the front, some women's pubic hair is distributed in long strips. Pubic hair can vary greatly in density, richness, and sparseness, but the degree, amount, density, thickness, and color of pubic hair can vary from individual to race, and has no direct relationship with development. The breasts of girls can develop as early as 8 years old, with an average of 10-11 years old. Most of them begin to bulge before the age of 13. Pubic hair develops and begins to appear before the breast matures. The angle between the pubic hair and the skin surface is no more than 30 degrees. , Downward, covering to the midline, from the pubic caruncle, labia majora, downward in an inverted triangle, and the upper edge is horizontal.



Intimrasur makes the genitals refreshing and clean, greatly reducing the chance of lower genital tract infections. The most common mycotic vulvitis and vaginitis among Chinese women will disappear, and vaginal trichomoniasis, vaginosis and various venereal diseases will be greatly reduced. The incidence of infertility and cervical cancer will also be significantly reduced.

Methods and Care

Pubic hair is not like hair. The method of shaving is the same as shaving. First, cut it short with scissors, then wash it with warm water, or compress it with a hot towel to soften the pubic hair. Use shaving cream to tighten the local skin and shave it off with a razor. The pubic hair that has just grown will appear darker and thicker, and the stubby pubic hair will be a bit tangled and uncomfortable. If you wear underwear, short and thick pubic hair will get stuck in the fibers of the underwear fabric. So if you choose to shave your pubic hair, you must insist on shaving your pubic hair every day, it will be very comfortable. If you shave your pubic hair temporarily, you will get used to it if you persist for a while.   After shaving the pubic hair, women should wash it with soap and water every day to prevent sweat and grease from accumulating. There may be hives (rubella lump) in the area that was shaved at first, but it will disappear after a few days. As long as you shave your yin regularly, this phenomenon will gradually disappear. At first, it was recommended that women shave their pubic hair every three to four days, so that there would not be too much hair to deal with each time. Whenever they grow to a certain length, they get a little itchy, and I take this as a sign that they need to shave their yin again. If your skin is not suitable for multiple shaves, reduce the number of times.





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