Inflatable Dildos

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Inflatable dildos occupy an extremely special place in the world of sex. These special sex toys can be used for dirty BDSM experiments. They can be used for masturbation and all kinds of anal and vaginal play. Anyone who wants their asshole or pussy to be filled and stretched should try these toys. Also, these toys are great for anal training and all kinds of stretching. In addition, they are great for submissives who wish to make themselves uncomfortable during penetrative sex.

Inflatable Dildos


A pump up dildo can be categorized on the basis of their features. Even though all inflatable dildos can be made to grow bigger by pumping air, the following are the popular types of this toy.

Handheld inflatable dildos – These are handheld pump up dildos and your partner or you will have to squeeze the pump to fill the dildo with air. When the dildo is inserted inside your anus or vagina, it will be in a shrunken state. Then, as air is pumped, the dildo will start to grow thicker and bigger. As it is handheld, you have to be careful when pumping. You need to start slow.

Suction cup inflatable dildos – Pump up suction cup dildos are great for solo play. These toys offer a hands-free experience and it can be easily inflated or deflated. The suction cups are typically stuck to the ground, which means that users can make the most of different angles to fulfill their needs.

Vibrating inflatable dildos – As the name suggests, these are inflatable dildos that offer vibrating sensations. These are the ultimate toys when it comes to experiencing earth-shattering pleasure. These can be used for solo play or even partnered play.

Other types of expandable dildos include anal inflatable dildo-plug, G-spot inflatable dildo, extra girthy inflatable rabbit dildo and extra-large inflatable dildo.




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