Hipster Panties

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Hipster panties: The height is less than 8cm below the belly button, which is called low-waist. The waistband is narrow or designed as a thin belt. This style of underwear is suitable for wearing with low-waisted pants and low-waisted skirts.

Hipster Panties


1.This kind of underwear can better show the charm of the waist posture, make your small waist show its style, and also highlight the curvaceous beauty of women, and it is easier to match with pants, especially for Low-rise pants are the first choice. When wearing low-rise pants, you must pay more attention to your underwear. A little carelessness will expose your underwear. This is very embarrassing, so you can wear low-rise pants. Waist panties, generally speaking, low-waist panties can show the charm of the waist posture, improve the quality of life, and avoid embarrassment in wearing.

Hipster Panties

2.In addition to low-waist underwear and ordinary underwear, there is also a very good underwear market that is pregnant women's underwear. This type of underwear is mainly designed for women during pregnancy, mainly based on ordinary underwear. In terms of changes, pregnant women's underwear is mainly based on the characteristics of women during pregnancy, and the size, shape, and materials of the underwear have been modified to make female friends more comfortable to wear during pregnancy. , This kind of underwear is mainly used to avoid pressure on the abdomen, which also prevents the normal development of the baby from being affected.

Hipster Panties




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