High-cut Briefs

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High fork briefs are suitable for men with thick thighs. For people with thick legs, you can choose full height underpants (i.e. both sides of the underpants are directly opened to the waist or the upper part of the hip, less binding the root of the thigh). In the design concept of women's underwear, high underpants are generally used as decoration to make the legs look longer, but the starting point of high underpants in men's underwear is not sexy, but to take care of men with thick legs. Compared with the looseness of flat pants, briefs will make these friends feel compact.

Thick legged men will have greater friction when walking. If they wear tight boxer pants, their trouser legs are easy to make the blood circulation at the root of their thighs worse, affecting the temperature and humidity of the scrotum. Choosing high slit briefs will better protect the sexual function of thick legged men. Moreover, it will not cause overheating of friction between trouser legs, nor will it run and cause damage at will. Men with thick legs are easy to sweat. When choosing high underpants, do not choose pure cotton. It is best to choose cotton content of 15% ~ 30%. At present, there are some fabrics such as modal and silk, which can effectively sweat and dry faster.

High-cut Briefs




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