Half-length Toys

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Using super soft mold material, it feels like the popular elasticity of the live-action version. Generally, it will be affectionately infatuated. However, such as breasts, buttocks, etc., the most essential small gardens for popular women, the joints will use the two-dimensional simulation of simulation.

Half-length Toys

According to the part of the body, in terms of appearance, the mold name device is divided into hip mold, chest mold, half body mold, etc., to meet the different preferences of different people.

But it is different from a physical doll-it does not have a complete human body, but is equipped with dual channels or three links in specific local positions. For example, there will be a Y under the chest, which allows male students to experience in-depth stimulation. , Can play more sensitive points and get a very rich experience.




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Blow Job

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