Gorgeous Star Vaginas

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The inverted mold is made of silicone according to a certain proportion of a certain part of the human body. For example, female buttocks, chest molds, etc. Compared with physical dolls, the inverted model is only made according to the proportions of the body parts, so it is more convenient and easy to store.

Gorgeous Star Vaginas

The Process

1. Apply petroleum jelly to the pubic area where the mold is to be cast.

2. Apply silicone rubber to the genitals to be molded.

3. Wrap plaster on the silicone. Large objects should be divided into several pieces.

4. After the plaster has cured, leave the part to be cast.

5. The silicone layer is coated with petroleum jelly. Fix it with plaster again, and open the casting hole.

6. Adding a disulfide curing agent to silica gel, inject it from the casting port.

7. Heat curing. Silicone layer.

8. Hair, make-up, beautification, paste.

Gorgeous Star Vaginas Gorgeous Star Vaginas




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