G-spot Condoms

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The G-spot condom as the name implies is designed to produce extra stimulation to the G-spot during friction. The G-spot condom (G-spot condom), also known as the G-spot condom, is a functional condom developed according to the physiological characteristics of the human body and used to help women achieve orgasm. the G-spot condom can effectively stimulate the female G-spot, allowing women to easily reach and effectively prolong orgasm, improving the traditional first female condom, patented products worldwide.

It is the first female condom to improve the traditional, patented product in the world. It has a significant effect on women's endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders, neurasthenia, lobular hyperplasia and other concurrent sexual diseases caused by sexual repression and sexual indifference.


It can make women reach orgasm earlier.

It can make women's orgasm last longer.

It has obvious improvement effect on women's endocrine disorder, menstrual disorder, neurasthenia, lobular hyperplasia and other complications caused by sexual repression and sexual indifference.

Auxiliary function: it can effectively slow down the ejaculation time of men through physical action without side effects.

G-spot Condoms




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