Flavored Lubes

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With all the many advantages of lubricants during sex, flavored lubricants bring extra spice to the party! From strawberry to cherry vanilla to watermelon to chocolate, you can have a fruity and fun sexual experience with a good-tasting lube.

Flavored Lubes

Different Types

1.Flavored water-based lubricants: These are made with water as the basic ingredient. They are known for their versatility because they can be used under many conditions. They will not damage the inner or outer latex condoms. They can also be used with various sex toys. In addition to being slippery, they are also very thin and easy to rinse off after playing. Most edible flavoring lubricants are water-based.

2.Experienced silicone lubricants: Have you experienced severe dryness? These may be your best choices. They are thicker and slippery than similar water-based products. However, due to their thickness, you may need to work harder to wash them off. In addition, silicone-based lubricants should not be used with silicone sex toys. In this case, it's like damages. Other than that, you have nothing to fear.

3.Flavored oil-based lubricant: If you want a long-lasting lubricant, this lubricant is the ideal choice. It can save you the pressure of re-applying while having fun. They are perfect for masturbation, oral sex, and decisions you make without protection! Oil-based lubricants are not compatible with latex.

4.Flavored mixed lubricants: As the name suggests, these flavored lubricants contain a mixture of the above-mentioned basic ingredients.

Flavored Lubes


1.Oral sex lubricant: All edible personal lubricants are suitable for this. With different flavors, you can easily activate your taste buds and bring pleasure to your partner.

2.Lubricant for vaginal intercourse: Although the vagina will self-lubricate during sexual arousal, there is no standard for how much humidity is sufficient. Frankly speaking, the vagina can use a little help.

3.Anal Lubricants: These are made specifically for anal penetration. We know that unlike the vagina, the anus cannot be self-lubricating. Therefore, flavored anal lubricants are thicker than conventional lubricants.


Fruit-flavored lubricants: The flavor of these flavored lubricants comes from fruit. Examples include strawberry-flavored lubricants and banana-flavored lubricants.

Dessert lubricant: If you like ice cream and want a dessert-like feeling when eating ice cream, then these lubricants are very suitable for you. A popular example is a chocolate flavored lubricant.

Flavored Lubes

How to Use

1.Sweet Kiss: You and your partner can make lip gloss with flavored lubricants and build a powerful makeup process from there. You can alternate different flavors to find the best flavored lubricant.

2.Massage: You can use flavored lubricants to massage your partner's body, especially if they are flavored heated lubricants.

3.Smear and lick off: You can create a variety of exciting experiences with your partner by applying some flavorful lubricant on your partner's body and licking it off. Then, vice versa.

4.Masturbation: Who said you can't get some self-pleasure with flavored personal lubricant? If you are in the mood for self-love, you can go to town by yourself and enjoy the fragrance of fruits or desserts at the same time.

5.Oral sex: You have been thinking about this, right? In order to enjoy the pleasant taste of oral sex, lightly apply some delicious lubricating oil at the beginning of the happy hour, and then reapply it when walking. If you prefer to use your sense of smell instead, just apply some scented lubricant around your partner's genitals, let the smell drive you crazy and make your partner happy at the same time!

Pros of Flavored Lubricants

1.With an added activation of the sense of taste, flavored lubes are a great way to heighten sexual fun.

2.In many cases, you can take all the perceived guilt of oral sex away with the flavor of edible personal lubricants.

3.Also, in an instance where an offensive odor may be present (which is not always a product of poor hygiene), a scented lube tackles the smell appropriately, and makes everything fresh and fun.

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