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Nowadays, the imitation penis materials are mostly made of different types of materials such as soft polymer rubber, silicone, PVC, etc. The hand feel is similar to the rigid body of the human genitals, and most of them are powered by batteries. In appearance, the appearance of the imitation penis is usually similar to that of the male penis, and the shapes are: real-life casts, and imitation sculptures, and there are various skin colors or other colors.


The structure diagram consists of the following parts:A Penis Glans,B Penis Shaft

C Frenulum,D Meatus,E Corona,F Foreskin,G Scrotum,H Perineal Raphe

Why do people love dildos so much?

1.These toys are made of hypo-allergenic materials;

2.Dildos are perfect for penetration;

3.You don’t depend on anybody if you want to have sex right now;

4.Dildos open you up to vaginal and anal orgasms;

5.You learn about your sex preferences safely.




1. Straight pose, longer lasting (longer time to reach climax)

2. The thick and straight head of the glans has the pleasure of filling (the glans has a great feeling of filling)

3. Straight shape with pointed tip, easy to insert and quick to pull in

4. The arc arch is pressed down, the insertion is in two-point contact, which can support the size of the vagina, and the arched part contacts the G point more strongly

5. Tilted posture, the glans is easy to stimulate the G-spot

6. The small glans has a strong body, and the pleasure of pushing in


Metal Dildos

What are metal dildos? These are the toys that don’t look like a penis but perform the same functions and even more. Metal dildos massage you on the inside. They stimulate the G-spot and make you have powerful orgasms.

Inflatable Dildos

What are inflatable dildos? Inflatable dildos are sex toys that are pumped and used for both anal and vaginal penetration. These toys are great for first-timers because they are easy to hide and transfer.

Anal Dildos

What are anal dildos? Even if you’re a first-timer, don’t be afraid of the word ‘anal’. It doesn’t mean that this dildo can’t be used for vaginal penetration as well. However, these dildos do differ from regular ones because they usually have a beaded structure or are a bit smaller (about 6 inches).

Chin Dildos

What are chin dildos? These are the dildos that look like strap-ons. However, you wear them not on your hips but on your face. Chin dildos are highly stimulating toys that look super exotic for those who haven’t tried them in real life. Nevertheless, not only BDSM lovers appreciate chin dildos but also ordinary people since they give unbelievable sensations.

Dildo Balls

What are dildo balls? Why is it so hot in here? Has someone brought a dildo ball? Hell, yeah! Dildo balls are something you can picture in your most wicked sex dreams. This is an erotic dream that has come true. They meet your expectations when you hear ‘dildo ball’ since these giant dildos consist of a fitness ball and a dildo.

Double-ended Dildos

What are double-ended dildos? These toys are the biggest dildos you can find on the sex market. They can be used by two people and are especially good for gay and lesbian couples. This type of dildos has a long ‘body’ and two ‘heads’. If you use it alone, you can go as deep as you like with these sex devils.

Suction cup Dildos

What are suction cup dildos? Well, well, well. Now, it’s time to play. The real game begins when a suction cup dildo enters the room since it substitutes almost any kind of sex out there. Stick it to the wall or floor and give your hands a rest since you won’t need them. The toy is fixed, while you are free to move as you like.

Squirting Dildos

What are squirting dildos? These gentlemen would’ve won an Oscar for the best sex toy if someone was giving one. They are versatile and have the icing on the cake since they can ejaculate after the intercourse right inside of you. Yep, these cunning guys have a reservoir inside of them which can be filled with lubes or even real sperm.

Zombie Dildos

What are zombie dildos? These toys usually have green, blue or red colors that either resemble cartoon zombies or real decaying human bodies. Also, these toys are kind of deformed and have damaged parts. Of course, they are not for the faint-hearted but creep lovers.

Dragon Dildos

What are dragon dildos? Dragon dildos are as cool as they sound. The shapes of these sex toys are countless and often have unusual curves and unnatural ends like tails. They come in all colors - from black to purple, depending on your taste and personal preferences.

Horse Dildos

What are horse dildos? Have you ever wondered how mares endure sex with stallions? Did you see those horse huge erect penises? What if we told you that you can experience those sensations yourself without breaking any laws? Horse dildos were made exactly for these purposes and, as you might guess, resemble horse penises in size, shape, and width.

Werewolf Dildos

What are the werewolf dildos? Werewolf dildos are safer than horse dildos, yet they have their peculiarities. For example, they have two ball-like elements down there and a wider body. The head of the werewolf penis isn’t wider than the body as it is in human-like dildos. It gives unusual sensations.

Alien Dildos

What are alien dildos? Alien dildos are the most unexpected toys you might spot on sex toys websites. This is because no one has ever seen an alien. We all have different visions of our extraterrestrial neighbors. Sometimes, alien dildos even have the shape of octopus legs.





Mimic Diagram

Dildos Dildos Dildos

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