Delay Lubricant

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A time-delay lubricant is a type of functional lubricant. It mainly has the function of increasing sensitivity and fever delay. Excellent lubricating fluid can also bring girls a more pleasant sexual experience, allowing men to improve the ejaculation stimulation threshold, greatly extending the duration of sex nourish activation of the sexual nerve center, shorten the nerve reflex latency, excite the sexual nervous system, improve the sensitivity of the sexual nerve, accelerate the conduction of nerve impulses, can quickly strengthen the hardness of the penis erection, so that the duration of control is enhanced, the ejaculation threshold is increased, the pleasure is stronger, sex life The golden time is prolonged, solving premature ejaculation from the root.

Improve androgen secretion, fast erection and firmness, improve blood circulation, repair arterial lesions and restore venous compliance mechanism. Increase the excitement of parasympathetic nerve, make the small arteries of penis relax and expand the smooth muscle relaxation, promote the microcirculation in the body, counteract the microcirculation disorder caused by desipramine, increase the vasoactive substances. It makes the nerve excitation and inhibition flexible, the sexual organs are well filled with blood, the kidney function is enhanced, the secretion of androgens and estrogens is improved, thus making the penis erect quickly, thick and powerful, firm and not tired. Consolidate the gonadal system, comprehensive replenishment of sexual energy in the body directed to activate, replenish and consolidate the male gonadal system, quickly enhance male energy and stamina.

Using bio-engineering technology to extract the active ingredients, containing a variety of bio-active substances such as complex nutritional media, sex cell activator, glycogen derivatives and sex cell repair factor, to comprehensively replenish the sexual exercise cell energy. Enhances hormone production, rapidly activates sexual power promotes testicular blood circulation, enhances the body's natural hormone production, activates sexual power, increases the blood volume of the penis, and makes erections hard and lasting. Activates sexual vitality factor, enhances sexual power, generates sexual impulse pulse, significantly enhances sexual desire, and quickly achieves active erection. Accelerates cavernous metabolism, truly relieves sexual fatigue accelerates metabolism of penile cavernous tissues, improves staying power, enhances responsiveness of erectile tissues, soothes ejaculatory ducts, prostate gland, seminal vesicles, cavernous smooth muscle and repairs damaged cavernous cell tissues. Rich in fatigue decomposition factor, can effectively relieve the fatigue after sex, such as general weakness, drowsiness, weakness, etc. It is also a good idea to use the active substances niacin and carnitine extracted from natural herbs by modern high-tech technology, which are absorbed by the human body to directly activate the testicles and remove kidney toxins through body fluids, which has a unique effect on premature ejaculation and especially on the weakness of the penis in the middle of the sexual process, with rapid onset.

Delay Lubricant

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