Couples Vibrators

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The sex apparatus that is loved by couples who know how to cherish, value emotions and have good sex. No matter how thick you are, or how long you are. Or, how skilled the sexual skills. In the process of making love, from time to time there will be no synergy, the climax is difficult to step together in the embarrassing situation. The problem appears mostly in the mood changes, or energy problems. Another is that the reason for the lack of synergy of sexual pleasure is that men's sexual desire is faster and less persistent. And women's sexual desire to start a little slower, the process of reaching orgasm a little longer. Whether it's an emotional problem or a sexual problem, for couples who know and love each other, it's a worry. The male and female co-vibration device, to help couples who are destined to share the joy of orgasm.

Couples Vibrators


vibrating ring (repeated with the male penis ring), C-shaped, G-shaped, Y-shaped, T-shaped, double-headed foldable, double-headed snake, etc.

C type, the shape of the flat C, divided into a, b two ends. a end is a thin arc, close to the phallus and inserted into the vagina, the same shock vagina and phallus; b end is an arch convex body, both shock clitoris, but also shock male pubic bone.

Couples Vibrators

Y-shaped, divided into a and b ends. a end of the double tentacles, with the clamps on the root of the dildo. The b-end is in the shape of a pocket, used to cover the shock of the pubic bone.

Couples Vibrators

G-type, ring-shaped body. It is placed on the root of the phallus and vibrates both the phallus and the clitoris.

Couples Vibrators

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