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What is Collar?

The collar is a kind of prop that gives the obedient a sense of humiliation and a sense of dominance in the BDSM game. In addition to the unilateral wear of the obedient, there is also a situation where the dominant also wears it at the same time.

The original collar was evolved from the collar used by dogs. Because the collar itself represents the relationship between the dog and the owner's pet, it also has the same meaning when used as a BDSM prop, making the obedient a "pet" of the dominator. The collar has a variety of styles such as metal and leather.

If you use a tall collar, you can even restrict neck movements, such as bowing your head.


Posture collar

It is a collar used for BDSM and fetishes. The width of this type of collar is sufficient to limit the movement of the neck. The posture collar is used to maintain a high chin posture. The front of the posture collar is usually from the chin to the collarbone of the human body to prevent the wearer's head from going down.

This kind of collar is usually made of leather, but it can also be made of metal, rubber or plastic such as PVC. The posture collar can be used for decoration or other restraining elements, such as lock seals, decorative spikes or D-rings, to connect other restraints.




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