Chastity belt

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Chastity belt (English: Chastity belt) is a kind of props with a lock, used to prevent the wearer from masturbating or engaging in sexual intercourse. Chastity belts have historically been mainly designed for women to maintain their chastity, protecting women from rape and from engaging in sexual acts with potential sexual partners. Modern versions of chastity belts are mainly used for BDSM. In addition to the chastity belt originally designed for women, there are also chastity belts designed for male wearers.

Chastity belt

Chastity is padded to prevent large areas of metal from being in direct contact with the skin for a long time, and it needs to be replaced frequently. Therefore, this kind of chastity belt is not suitable for uninterrupted long-term wearing; the wear caused by long-term wearing of the chastity belt can lead to the genitourinary system Infection, sepsis, and even death. The chastity belt also has tiny or tooth-like spikes for people to urinate

The chastity belt used in BDSM can be used as part of orgasm control to prevent the wearer from engaging in sexual intercourse or masturbation. In BDSM, the chastity belt can be worn by men and women, and the use time can be limited or long-term.

In BDSM, those who wear the chastity belt are obedient, while those who hold the key are dominant in the wearer's sexual activities, controlling the wearer's right to engage in sexual activities. Wearing a chastity belt often evokes sexual frustration in the wearer.

Most chastity belts are designed to prevent the wearer from masturbating. Although the penis cage prevents male masturbation, the penis cage may become loose, and they can be manually stimulated and even reach orgasm.




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