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What is a BDSM Cage?

A BDSM cage is a piece of sex furniture made of bars that restrain and confine a sub like an animal/prisoner for the dom’s pleasure (and the sub’s). Some refer to it as the BDSM slave cage or submissive cage. Its sexual significance is linked to a prison or animal cage.

The BDSM cage is ideal for subs who like slavery, restraint, degradation, and are just willing to explore. It is lined with wooden/metal rods leaving enough space for air and slight motion. If we’re honest, this singular piece of furniture in your sex dungeon is more than enough to bring your naughtiest fantasies to life.



A submissive cage can be made of wood and hard metal (steel/aluminum) materials. The material of your choice needs a smooth finish to look more appealing than a regular cage. Remember that the goal of the cage is to arouse both dom and sub and restrict the sub without causing injury.


There is no one-size-fits-all BDSM slave cage. Your BDSM cage can be as tight as a coffin (for one person) or as large as a room that may contain several people. A small BDSM cage will have a width of about 55cm, length of 95cm, and height of 75cm. The choice of an extra-large cage or a small one, it’s up to you and your sub. To make the sub more uncomfortable, you can get a smaller cage that forces them to fit their entire body in. The tighter, the more intense pain and pleasure.


The position taken in the BDSM cage depends on the dom’s instructions and how spacious the cage is. A sub may kneel halfway in the cage, and get cuffed behind/overhead, get in a squat, kneeling, lying, or standing position to suit the wishes of your dom. Do what you are told, little brat.


In cleaning your BDSM cage, you want to use a bowl of water at room temperature, gentle soap, and a towel to go over the rods, one after the other. If the BDSM slave cage has a bed/padding, take it out and wipe it down to remove body fluids. Then let everything air dry. Some BDSM cages come with cleaning instructions, be sure to read and find out.

Pros and Cons of BDSM Cages

A BDSM slave cage gives the sub a feeling of freedom.

It makes the sub feel pain and pleasure more intensely.

Total control over the caged sub gives the dom erotic satisfaction.

Orgasms are wild and powerful.

Cleaning a BDSM cage is an intricate task.




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