C-String Panties

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C-string pants are a kind of women's underwear similar to thongs. Unlike thongs, C-shaped pants do not have a fixed belt at the waist, only a C-shaped body.

C-String Panties


1.C-shaped pants cannot use only fabric like ordinary underwear. The body of the C-shaped pants has a plastic reinforced elastic bracket as a fixation, which is placed in the genitals and thigh position when worn, and clamped and fixed with two legs.

2.Since there is no fabric at the waist, there will be no trouble that part of the underwear (whale tail) is exposed when wearing low-rise pants. C-shaped pants can also be designed as a part of beachwear. Because there is no fabric on the side, there will be no different skin tone due to part of the skin that is not exposed to the sun.

3.The inventor of the C-pants is the American insurance broker David Bradshaw (David Bradshaw), he invented the C-pants when he was in college; however, because of the conservative folkway at that time, such clothing may not be acceptable, so it is not disclosed. Sell. After waiting for about 20 years, until people began to accept thongs, David set up a website in 2006 to start selling C-shorts.




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