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Turn you or your lover into a sex superhero with this plush satin blindfold. The fastest way to immediately enhance all senses, wearing an blindfold will immediately increase the sensitivity to touch, so as to get the greatest pleasure from each caress.



1.Perfect for bondage beginners, this soft blindfold covers your partner's eyes for tantalising sensory deprivation play. Clever sculpting over the bridge of the nose gives a complete blackout, so there'll be no peeking (unless you let them...).

2.Padded and lined for additional comfort, and with a gently elasticated head strap to keep it firmly in place, you'll be comfortable enough to wear this eye mask all night long.

3.A must-have for sensory deprivation, its elasticated strap gives a snug fit to stop any cheeky peeking, and the fur lining means it's still comfortable when worn for long periods of time.

4.In addition, due to its super comfortable and soft design, it can double as an amazing sleeping mask (of course, when the game is over).

Key Features

1.satin-feel and faux fur-lined blindfold for enhancing couple's play

2.Elasticated strap provides a secure and comfortable fit

3.Soft, secure and effective blindfold to explore sensory deprivation in total comfort

4.Ideal for beginner bondage

5.Padded with fleece-lining for comfort during wear

6.Thick, elasticated head-strap keeps blindfold securely in place

7.Fitted shape ensures total blackout during play


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