Bead Vibrators

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A kind of rabbit vibrator, the spinning bead is usually added in the body of the forked rod on the basis of the spinning bead, plus the function of swinging or stretching, or both. The difference lies in the fact that the main body of the rotating bead rod is straight rod, because it is convenient for the design of beads and rotation. The birth of transparent beads is because the early packaging material to adapt to the expansion of the inside, so the material is relatively limited, can only choose transparent PVC material, etc., with the rise of silica gel technology now, many new manufacturers have gradually no longer produce transparent beads. Of course, there are still qualified transparent beads on the market, because the transparent beads give people a more visual impact, watching the 360° rotation of the beads or the sharp expansion of the top of the rod, let people have a kind of pleasure both seeing and getting.

Bead Vibrators


Turn bead bar, shape function is divided into monomer rotation, and with shock rabbit rotation two. Its categories are:

Walking beads, the skin is clear PVC, soft TPE material. It is filled with homogenous beads. When rotating, the beads roll irregularly, so that the user can not feel the hanging comfortable;

Turning bead rod, the outer skin is mostly clear PVC, the rotating part is arranged with beads. Beads are homogeneous, or of different sizes. Rotation, so that users feel the comfort of continuous grinding;

Sheet rotary rod, the outer layer of multi-purpose clear PVC, rotating part of the overlapping cloud. After turning, the overlapping piece is staggered, so that the Yin body can not feel the pleasure of hanging addiction.

Swing rod, PVC, and silicone leather two kinds. The swing part adopts single rod structure. The rotation mode is that the rod head rotates in a painted circle so that the user can enjoy the comfort of the vagina.

Telescopic rotary shock rod, the outer skin material is more diversified. The lifting and shrinking part has monomer lifting and rotating lifting. In both can enjoy the simulation of pumping, but also enjoy the rotation of grinding function, love users love.

Bead Vibrators

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