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What is Aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire, sexual attraction, sexual pleasure, or sexual behavior.Substances range from a variety of plants, spices, foods, and synthetic chemicals. Therefore, they can be classified by their chemical properties (ie, substances that are natural and unnatural). Natural aphrodisiacs like alcohol or cocaine are further classified into plant-based and non-plant-based substances. Unnatural aphrodisiacs like ecstasy or methamphetamine are classified as those that are manufactured to imitate a natural substance. Aphrodisiacs can also be classified by their type of effects (ie, psychological or physiological). Aphrodisiacs that contain hallucinogenic properties like Bufo toad have psychological effects on a person that can increase sexual desire and sexual pleasure. Aphrodisiacs that contain smooth muscle relaxing properties like yohimbine have physiological effects on a person that can affect hormone lev els and increase blood flow.

Also famous are: Viagra (Sildenafil,), Vardenafil (Vardenafil, nicknamed Flame), Tadanafil.


For people

1. Suitable for patients with different levels of premature ejaculation.

2. Normal men who want to prolong their sexual happiness 3. Excessive masturbation, resulting in short-term men.

4. Short intercourse due to psychological disorders.

5. Short erection time, less than 30 Minute males .

6. Men who are weak in the middle of making love .

7. Men who are not firm and have insufficient hardness .

8. Men who have decreased libido and are not sensitive to stimuli .

9. Men who are under pressure at work, stay up late, and drink heavily.




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