Anal Toys

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What is anal toys?

Anal toys can be used as sex toys for anal sex. There are relatively many sub-categories such as anal plugs, pull beads, anal penis, prostate toys, anal lavage, anal vibrator, anal probe, etc. Due to the difference in reproductive structure, tightness and sexual feelings are also different. Backyard toys are mainly divided into two categories: sharp (bullet type) and pull beads.

Anal Toys Anal Toys

Types of anal toys

Anal Beads;

Anal Toys

Anal Dildos;

Anal Toys

Anal Probes

Anal Toys

Butt Plugs;

Anal Toys

Douches & Enemas( Anal Douches / Enemas);

Anal Toys

Glass Anal Toys;Metal Anal Toys

Anal Toys

Male Prostate Toys;

Anal Toys

Anal Vibrators;

Anal Toys

Inflatable Anal Toys;

Anal Toys


The materials used in anal toys include PVC, ABS, TPR, silicone, metal, etc.There are vibration, and manual points, and diversified shapes. When purchasing, it is mainly judged by the material safety standards and functions.

Why people love anal toys?

The preparatory work before anal sex is very important. At the same time, male anal sex can stimulate the prostate from the doorway of the anus and stimulate the perineum. When women have anal sex, the nerves of the clitoris will be pulled together to bring comfort, and anal sex will stimulate the O point in the lower corner of the female uterus when deepening;

Anal Toys

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