The Crazy Way of Blowjob!

Author: Bestvibe Date:21-06-2022

Blowjob with beef?But,what's Auto-fellatio?

It's rare to come across a man who despises blowjobs. A blowjob is an oral sex method in which the penis is stimulated through the mouth to produce ejaculation or as a warm-up before coitus. A blowjob can be imitated in a variety of ways. When you've had enough of your old masturbation method and want to try something new, such as feeling like a blowjob without a female, this issue may arise. A blowout can be replicated in several ways.

A. Condom with lubricant

It's very easy to understand and enjoy. Only lubrication and a condom are required. Put on the condom after filling it with some of the liquid. The moist and slippery feeling inside the condom while masturbating will make you feel like you're having a blowjob, in addition to heating up with friction.

B. Milking

The action is simple, and it's easy to relate it to how cows are milked. It first stimulates the penis, resulting in an erection. After that, lubricate the hand or the penis with the index fingers and thumbs of each hand, grab the head of the penis with one of the hands' fingers, and squeeze it all the way to the base. Place the second hand on the head when you reach the bottom and proceed on the same path as the first. Rep as necessary, changing hands each time.

C. Vacuum cleaners.

Every year, hundreds of people are taken to hospitals all around the world with vacuum cleaners hooked to their penises. I would never urge you to do this, regardless of how eager you are for an orgasm. Having said that, I am confident that some people will dismiss this. They will believe that everything will work out for them and that they will not end up in the hospital. If this is the case, use a low setting, don't completely fill your penis to allow for air, and make sure you can reach the off switch in case something goes wrong. Some individuals like vacuuming and are unconcerned about the dangers, so that's great. As I previously stated, I do not endorse it, and it will undoubtedly fall short of other ways for simulating blowjobs.

D. Auto-fellatio.

Auto-fellatio is a kind of masturbation in which a guy performs oral stimulation on his penis. Few people, maybe two or three out of a thousand, are thought to be capable of complete self-fellatio. Autofellatio has a long and illustrious history. According to archaeologists, men holding their own penises in their mouths have been shown in ancient hieroglyphics and artwork. Few guys are flexible enough or have a long enough penis to execute autofellatio. According to Alfred Charles Kinsey's Kinsey Report, only around 1% of males can make oral contact with their penis, and only 2 or 3 in a thousand can execute autofellatio. 

E. Raw meat

This strategy is quite beneficial, but it always has the drawback of wasting food. Take a thawed steak from the fridge and reheat it in the microwave for a few seconds. Begin rolling it on the penis, beginning with up and down strokes. It's as if you're having oral sex.Blowjob Simulators

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