How to Properly Use/Clean Pocket Pussy

Author: Bestvibe Date:21-06-2022

A pocket pussy is a gadget that looks like a female sexual organ that, when putting the penis into erection, enables orgasm. It's commonly composed of rubber or a soft substance (latex or silicone), and it's used by piercing it with the erect penis to simulate sexual intercourse until orgasm and ejaculation occur. The use of lubricants to decrease friction between the penis and the inner walls of the artificial vagina is common.

Taking proper care of your sexy toys can assure good cleanliness and many more hours of enjoyment with them. To get the most out of your sex toys, clean and store them carefully. This will extend their usable life and ensure that they provide you with as much pleasure as on the first day. We'll show you how to do it properly.

How to Make Use of a Pocket Pussy

1. Lubricate at least the upper half of your penis with your preferred water-based lubricant. drops of water to a water-based lubricant.

2. Apply lubrication to your finger and place it in the first few inches of your pocket pussy's entrance. You can use extra lubricant if you're a "the wetter, the better" type of person.

3. Use the pocket pussy as if you were having intercourse or getting a blowjob-ease your head towards the entrance of the faux vagina, mouth, butt, or other orifice before diving straight in.

4. Squeeze the back entrance of your pocket pussy or stroker when you're about to ejaculate if it's open-ended. While you're enjoying your big finale, this will help keep all that lube and semen contained.

5. Take a deep breath, then thoroughly rinse and sanitize your pleasure friend, allowing it to dry before storing it for the next occasion.

How to Clean Your Pocket Pussy.

To utilize pocket pussies with all of the sanitary and health benefits, they must be thoroughly cleaned before use, despite the fact that this is something that many people overlook. You should also properly clean them before and after each use.

We urge that you read the instructions for your toy carefully and follow the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations in each situation. Most may be cleaned with warm water and neutral soaps (without fragrances or chemicals, and with a pH of 5.5, similar to skin), although it is advised that you use intimate toy cleansers created specifically for them. Pay close attention to the manufacturer's instructions to clean your toy properly.

What Is the Ideal Toy Cleaner Like?

i. It is completely disinfecting and is used for all types of sexy toys.

ii. It's also recommended for toys with soft surfaces.

iii. It should ideally not include any alcohol.

iv. It's simple to use and put into practice.

v. It has a pleasant aroma.

Taking into account their makeup materials, how to clean pocket pussies

1.The simplest toys to clean are those made of plastic or acrylic. Before and after each use, wash the toy with warm water and a specialized toy cleaning agent or a neutral type soap. This will ensure that they stay spotless. If you have a battery compartment, make sure it doesn't get wet when you're cleaning.

2. Cleaning glass toys and those with a metallic finish is the same. Toy cleanser may also be used, but you can disinfect them by boiling them in water for a few seconds.

3. Because silicone toys are resistant to moisture and high temperatures, they may be cooked in water if they don't have any battery compartments or internal motors. Although washing them with neutral soap or a specialized cleaner is recommended.

4. Because latex and gelatin toys cannot be cooked, we recommend hand-washing them with soap and water.

5. Washing pocket pussy differs slightly from cleaning other toys. To erase the sticky feeling, the manufacturer advises applying a rejuvenating powder in addition to the initial step of washing with warm water and a cleaner. When the toy is totally dry, it is best to apply the powders.

Whether you're using it alone or with a companion, knowing how to utilize a pocket pussy properly will elevate your sexual enjoyment and masturbation sessions to new heights. Choose the correct pocket pussy, care for it properly, and don't be hesitant to try new things just for pleasure. Because, at the end of the day, your pocket pussy is there just for your enjoyment. 


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